A Great Hotel In The Addis and Surroundings Region

Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa

Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa Offers:

Lodging Type: Hotel

Dining: Ethiopian, A la carte: Ethiopian and some international dishes, Buffet

Facilities: Internet - Wifi, Laundry, Library, Showers - 24hr hot water


  • City tours
  • Religious sites
  • Historical sites
  • Museums
  • Markets

Price range:

  • Under 50 USD

About Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa

This iconic hotel on the Piazza opened in 1898 (Ethiopian calendar), and was the first hotel to be established in Ethiopia. The Empress Taitu, 1851-1918, wife of the revered Emperor Menelik II, wanted her namesake establishment to be a place where her guests could rest and dine in tranquillity. She chose the site because of the cool breeze and breath-taking views of the plains below: those plains are now the bustling city centre of Addis Ababa, the view of which is blocked by a cluster of travel companies, car hire, ticket offices and more.

This budget hotel has 30 en-suite rooms. The nicer rooms are in the main building, up an elegant staircase from the restaurant. The budget rooms are in a block adjacent to the main building. The spacious wood-panelled restaurant is the heart of the hotel. It has an a la carte menu of salads, pastas, pizzas and burgers, and serves an affordable and tasty vegan buffet lunch every day. Wifi, laundry, luggage storage and car parking are available.

While the hotel is now a faded shadow of its former self, rather in need of renovation, it retains some of the old charm. Locals and travellers mix at the famed bar, which has regular live jazz and piano. The location is unbeatable, in the centre of the funky Piazza area of Addis, full of coffee houses, quirky restaurants and souvenir shops, and local transport is easily accessible from here.

Highlights Near Itegue Taitu Hotel, Addis Ababa

There are a surprising number of sites within an easy drive of Addis of historical, geographical or visual interest that can be visited as day-trips while staying in the city. There are also a few nearby towns that are popular with residents of Addis for weekends away from the city. ...

Addis Ababa has a number of dining options that are well worth trying. The traditional restaurants, many of which have cultural shows and Ethiopian dancing, offer the famed Ethiopian cuisine. There’s also a host of Italian restaurants that hark back to the time of the Italian occupation. More ...

Addis boasts an interesting range of things to buy. Traditionally it was known for silver jewellery, woven scarves, religious icons, coffee, crafts and curios – and these are all still available and good value today. However, in the last few years, local designers have burst onto the scene with a ...

While Addis Ababa is at a high altitude, situated at an altitude of nearly 2,400m, it’s actually in a bowl surrounded by mountains of even higher altitudes. Many of the surrounding mountains are over 3,000m, and several of the viewpoints on the peaks are well worth a visit. ...

Addis Ababa has an interesting collection of museums, covering its history, politics, archaeological findings, and more. While none of them have modern interactive displays, their collections and exhibits are impressive if a little dusty. The National Museum of Ethiopia has a collection of exhibitions mostly dedicated to ancient history. Lucy, ...

This unique, individual and insular branch of the Christian Church is widely respected all over the country, and has several awe-inspiring monuments in the city of Addis Ababa. The Holy Trinity Cathedral, also known as Kidist Selassie and as Menbere Tsebaot, is the highest-ranking religious site in Addis. Large and ...