A Great Lodge In The Northern Region

Wukro Lodge, Tigrey

Wukro Lodge, Tigrey Offers:

Lodging Type: Lodge

Dining: Ethiopian, A la carte: Ethiopian and some international dishes

Facilities: Laundry, Showers - 24hr hot water, TV

Eco & Green: Eco Policies, Solar Power, Community Development Projects


  • Rock-hewn churches
  • National parks
  • Bird watching
  • Trekking
  • Mountain climbing
  • Religious sites
  • Geographical sites

Price range:

  • Under 50 USD

  • 50-149 USD

About Wukro Lodge, Tigrey

On the top of a hill in the region of Tigrey, Wukro Lodge has astounding views of the rocky hills into which many rock churches are set, and of the lovely valleys between them. The eco-lodge is built in traditional style, using local techniques including stone walls with no cement, and ancient techniques of bamboo and thatching. The stunning churches carved into Tigray’s rocky cliffs can be visited from here.

The lodge has 40 en-suite rooms, all in the style of local architecture, and the buildings are spaced out around the side of the hill. The Axum rooms are in round thatched buildings, the Geralhta rooms and the Athbai rooms are in solid square buildings, and the Wukro rooms are excavated inside the rock. All rooms face the edge of the hill and have striking views across the valleys. All have small seating area, and balcony overlooking the vista, and are furnished with heavy wooden furniture, curtains of traditional fabric and bamboo cupboards, and are equipped with TV, kettle, tea and coffee, iron, ironing board, hair dryer and toiletries. The bathrooms are of clay and wood, and solar panels on every roof heat the water.

This lodge, built in 2017, has strong eco policies, including using solar hot water in the rooms, and biogas in the kitchen. It also espouses local involvement and employment. It was built entirely by local labourers and buys all its fruit and vegetables from local farmers. All the lodge’s employees come from the local area and the lodge is in the process of establishing a college, on site, for training locals in tour guiding and hotel management.

Highlights Near Wukro Lodge, Tigrey

The jutting rocks and cliffs of Tigrey region are striking formations in themselves, made even more remarkable by the churches cut into many of their peaks. Some of these churches are dated to even earlier than those of Lalibela, possibly from the 4th century AD. The region, once known for ...