A Great Homestay In The Southern Region

Dorze Lodge, nr Arba Minch

Dorze Lodge, nr Arba Minch Offers:

Lodging Type: Homestay

Dining: Ethiopian

Facilities: Child - Activities, Laundry, Showers - Bucket / Bush, Campsite

Eco & Green: Community Development Projects


  • Bird watching
  • Trekking
  • Horse riding
  • Mountain climbing
  • Markets

Price range:

  • Under 50 USD

About Dorze Lodge, nr Arba Minch

A friendly homestay owned and managed by the Dorze tribe, Dorze Lodge is high on a mountain above the town of Arba Minch, overlooking the lake and valley below.

There are 10 en-suite traditional beehive rooms, and 4 traditional Dorze huts, entirely covered by organic materials, with communal bathrooms. All the furniture is made locally, and the sheets, curtains and other fabrics are hand-woven by the community. The restaurant serves local dishes made from ingredients grown by the farmers of the area.

The lodge gives its guests the chance to experience the culture and way of life of the Dorze people first hand. Activities include tours of local villages, visiting local schools, and helping local farmers, as well as horse riding, mule riding, trekking and mountain climbing. Guests are also welcome to relax in this peaceful lodge on the hill and enjoy the striking views The lodge’s staff are happy to talk about their traditions, and to show visitors how they make bread, honey and other foods. They also demonstrate the making of local crafts, especially their intricate weaving. Their products, from woven scarfs to natural honey, are available for sale. The lodge is an example of community-based tourism, where visitors contribute directly to the people of the area.

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