A Great Lodge In The Northern Region

Mayleko Lodge, Gondar

Mayleko Lodge, Gondar Offers:

Lodging Type: Lodge

Dining: Ethiopian, Italian, A la carte: Good selection of dishes from around the world

Facilities: Child - Activities, Fitness Centre, Laundry, Showers - 24hr hot water, Swimming Pool

Eco & Green: Eco Policies, Solar Power, Community Development Projects


  • City tours
  • Religious sites
  • Historical sites
  • Museums
  • Markets

Price range:

  • 50-149 USD

About Mayleko Lodge, Gondar

The name Mayleko comes from the home of the ancient kings and queens of Ethiopia. This eco-lodge is situated against the backdrop of the Dilha Mountains, and looks down on Gondar.

The 31 en-suite rooms are made up of standard and bungalows. The lodge is traditionally constructed using sustainable and recycled materials, and local skills. The walls are whitewashed, the ceilings are bamboo and the fabrics are local and colourful. The lodge contributes to the local economy and employs the local community.

The restaurant serves Ethiopian dishes, and a selection of genuine Italian cuisine. There’s also a swimming pool and fitness room. The selection of games includes backgammon, darts and chess. Activities include visiting the Imperial Castle Compound of Gondar, the castle of Empress Mentewab, the Bath of Emperor Fasiladas, and the churches of Quskuam Mariam and Debre Birhan Sillassie.

Gondar was founded in 1636 by the Emperor Fasiladas, and is often referred to as the Camelot of Africa. Set in a landscape of striking mountains, it was the Royal Capital of Ethiopia until 1868. The castles and churches here, built by the Emperor and his descendants, have been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Highlights Near Mayleko Lodge, Gondar

Established as the capital by Emperor Fasiladas in 1636, Gondar was the Royal Capital of Ethiopia until the 1860s. The castles and palaces built during these years have led Gondar to be referred to as the Camelot of Africa, and to be designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Since the demise ...