Yoga Holidays

Women’s Empowerment Retreat

​We’ve put together an incredible retreat that aims to get you feeling on top of your game! Join Sonia and Fawzia for a life changing experience. The retreat includes: Approx cost (depending on the number of women attending): 45,000 to 55,000 Ksh. yoga and meditation fitness and strength-building Krav Maga self defense group coaching evening laughter and lightness sessions. The retreat includes three nights

Balance, Beauty and Breath

Our Balance, Beauty & Breath Watamu Retreat is back with new editions. Allow yourself to be nurtured and rejuvenated for 4 days and 3 nights nights in the unique Watamu Treehouse off the coast of Malindi. This retreat is for any adult looking to create balance, catch their breath and remind themselves of their beauty through yoga and meditation in a beautiful natural surrounding. Enjoy a Thai massage, vegetarian meals, a full moon night float experience and yoga twice a day as well as all new DIY self-care guided by Dionne and

Yoga Teacher Training: Watamu: March 2020

Karuna (करुणां – Karuṇā) Yoga Journeys is very happy to announce its 7th 200-hour yoga teacher training in Watamu. This is a 200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified training in the art of vinyasa yoga and creative sequencing where you will learn how to integrate the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath with a deep understanding of the physical body, energy body and authentic alignment. There will also be an introduction to Yin Yoga and Trauma sensitivity in yoga. This yoga teacher training will allow you to integrate the ancient

Alligned Expression Power Yoga Retreat

Retreat Description Catherine and Julie will be sharing Alignment and Expression clinics to empower your practice to the next level. You will leave this retreat with: · Tools to self-align in any yoga class. · Learn how to ignite your practice; whether one-on-one or in a group setup. · The discovery of what is holding you back and the new possibility of authentic self-expression. What is included? · Daily meditation and 2 yoga sessions · alignment focussed · Empowering conversation · The sharing circle - get present to the rocks you are holding on to · Game night · Mangrove

Mindful Safari with Sinja

Our life-changing journey starts with a two-day mindful retreat in a natural wellness resort with a view over the wide and free African sceneries outside of Nairobi town. Our tour leader will guide us in mindfulness. It is a state of mind, which can be easiest achieved through meditation. Mindfulness helps us in relaxing and grounding, reduces stress & anxiety, increases our self-control, self-awareness and boosts our happiness. Start your second day with gratitude and a morning smile. Today our tour leader guides us in mindfulness meditation to awareness of

Yoga Retreat in the Wild: Maasai Mara and Lamu

Joshna Ramakrishnan started yoga as a kid and grew with it as a teenager, mastering asana practice at a very young age led her to question and learn about the philosophy of yoga as a young adult. At the age of 21, after she finished her graduation as a computer engineer, life took a big turn for her as she started to question the existence and reality. She left the country for China to teach yoga and returned to India after a short stint to study more, she travelled far and

Yoga and the Historic Sites of Northern Ethiopia

Ethiopia is regarded as the land of history and the cradle of mankind. Among the most striking and atmospheric sites are the monasteries of Lake Tana, the castles of Gondar and the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela. The magnificent Simien Mountains National Park is known for dramatic peaks and endemic species. This unique guided holiday combines these fascinating sites with the ancient practice of yoga. The yoga sessions will be at viewpoints and peaceful sites, perfectly integrated into the surroundings. The tour finishes in Addis Ababa with the candlelit processions of

Lamu Yoga Festival

Lamu Island with its tropical climate, excellent variety in accommodation to fit all budgets, miles of empty beaches and car-free sandy roads, is the ideal destination to relax and leave behind life’s stressfulness. The fresh seafood, organic foods and warm welcome of the Swahili people make it the perfect wellness getaway. Inspired by Lamu, chairlady Monika Fauth started Lamu Yoga, a community based organisation that hosts the Lamu Yoga festival on the pristine Muslim island. The eighth annual Lamu Yoga Festival will be held from Tuesday 9th to Saturday 1

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This retreat is organised by Another Way, a social enterprise aimed at helping women and girls around the world to realise their worth and reach their full potential through empowerment, education and wellness. In a largely patriarchal society, we want to redress the balance of the feminine – because we believe that by empowering women, we impact not only the individual but also the household, village and wider community as a whole. By offering powerful tools, practices, opportunities and support, we aim to help women realise their potential and step into

Our Yogi Friends

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  • Amanda Breunig

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  • Marissa Lipovsky

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  • Salim Rollins

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  • Andrea Hartley

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  • Joanne Ball-Burgess

    Born and raised in Bermuda, Joanne was born to dance and to bridge continental divides. She... more

  • Dionne Monsanto

    Born and raised in New York City, I have been practising yoga since 1999 and teaching yoga... more

  • Fawzia Jamal

    Fawzia believes in a holistic approach to fitness, and that positive thoughts breed positive results. She... more