A Great Lodge In The Northern Region

Sora Lodge, Lalibela

Sora Lodge, Lalibela Offers:

Lodging Type: Lodge

Dining: Ethiopian, A la carte: Ethiopian and some international dishes

Facilities: Internet - Wifi, Laundry, Showers - 24hr hot water


  • Rock-hewn churches
  • City tours
  • Religious sites
  • Museums
  • Markets

Price range:

  • 50-149 USD

About Sora Lodge, Lalibela

Sora Lodge is an Ethio-German, family-run hotel that was established in 2013. Sora has a number of meanings. It refers to a beautiful hill on the outskirts of Lalibela; it’s also a local song and dance; and, according to legend, it’s the name of King Lalibela’s golden carpet.

The 9 en-suite rooms in the 3-floor main building are made up of double and twin rooms. The 6 en-suite tukuls are more spacious, and are equipped with TV, fridge, mini bar and coffee and tea making equipment. The restaurant, shaped like a tukul, is on the edge of the hill and overlooks the villages in the valley. It serves Ethiopian cuisine, and has a few German dishes such as meatballs with mashed potato, and beef cubes with spatzle or dumplings. The bar serves local and imported beers, wine and spirits. Ethiopian cooking classes can be arranged. Wifi and laundry service are available. Airport shuttles and tours of the sites of Lalibela are all on offer.

Lalibela is the jewel in the crown of Ethiopia, the site of the most famous churches and the scene of many major religious ceremonies. The churches have been active for 900 years, and there are over 600 priests and deacons.

Highlights Near Sora Lodge, Lalibela

The most famous site in Ethiopia, and the one that arguably no visitor should miss, is Lalibela. Sometimes called the Eighth Wonder of the World, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities, visited as a pilgrimage site by many Ethiopian Orthodox Christians. ...